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My adventure started in Milan in 1943 with the vision to create inventive meat products and raise the quality of salumi in Italy. I was striving for excellence.

With a passion for high quality, innovative technology and natural food, along with many sacrifices, my dream came true. Rovagnati is now a trustworthy charcuterie company in Italy, though never forgetting its original values.

Now my legacy goes on, driven by the dream of making our products an icon of Italian food for the world to enjoy!
Are you ready for the best Italian charcuterie specialties?
Paolo rovagnati range
Paolo Rovagnati range is a combination of presliced charcuterie products dedicated to specific consumption occasions mixing Italian heritage and US tradition.

The premium quality of the products will be endorsed by the memory of the Italian company’s founder, Paolo Rovagnati, as well as a unique paper packaging suggesting how to enjoy each product.
Paolo Rovagnati range is divided in:
italian charcuterie line
A product line that brings the finest italian cold cuts to the US:
a celebration of Italian technical know how and the competence in selecting and processing raw materials with a distinctive luxury pack and a clear and creative explanation of how to consume the product to taste it to the best (preferably consumed stand-alone or in “cutting boards“).
italian panini line
The american sandwich reinvented with italian cold cuts:
a product range produced with an innovative technology, worldwide patented by Rovagnati and USDA approved, that eliminates any kind of nitrites both of artificial and natural origin. The practical and creative paper packaging suggests healthy sandwich recipes, with typical ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and widespread in the USA.