NO NITRITES, 100% of product salubrity
We at Rovagnati have taken it to the next level. After a first phase where we used nitrites of natural origin such as celery powder, our strong commitment and a 2-year project led us to accomplish our goal: the complete elimination of all nitrites and nitrates from charcuterie. Our state-of-the-art technology exploits natural extracts from botanical species like ginger, rosemary, green tea, cloves and lime, which combined with the preparation of the meat, activate their preservative properties ensuring the same preservation levels as products which contain nitrites.
Innovation of production parameters, base recipe and the accurate selection of raw materials.
Use of vegetable extracts to replace nitrites of all kinds, carefully balanced and combined to activate their preservation properties.
Our innovative production process has obtained a registered Italian patent on our cooked products and  patent pending status in US.